Thursday, 2 June 2011

Romantic French Fabrics - Powder Blue

This is the second in my series of posts about fabulous fabrics for French style interiors. In this post features pretty shades of the softest powder blue through to deepest indigo in perfectly faded florals, delightful ginghams, Toile de Jouy and ticking stripes.
Above image: Cabbages and Roses 
FABRICS: 1.Bennison  'Chinese Paper' 100% linen - colour shown: blue on oyster 2.Clarke and Clarke 'Clifford Check'100% linen -colour shown:Denim 3.Bennison 'Phoenix Negative' 100% linen - colour shown:blue on oyster 4.Clarke and Clarke 'Cove Check'100% linen -colour shown:Denim

Above images: Kate Forman Fabrics

FABRICS: 1.Bennison 'Faded Floral' 100% linen colour shown - Blue on Oyster 2.Tinsmiths 'Cotton Ticking' 100% cotton colour shown - Dove 3.Nordic Style 'Blue Check Small' 100% cotton colour shown - Blue 4.Brocante Fabrics 'Petits Oiseaux' 100% tumbled linen colour shown - French Blue on white 
Above images - ANTIQUES: 18th Century Atelier
FABRICS: 1.Tinsmiths Linen Union French Toile linen/cotton blend colour: Silver 2.Clarke and Clarke 'Cove Check'100% linen -colour shown:Denim 3.Robert Alan 'Crystal Springs' 100% cotton colour: Aqua 4.Clarke and Clarke 'Clifford Check'100% linen -colour shown:Denim
Above images: Kate Forman Fabrics
Fabrics: 1.Brocante Fabrics 'Cabane-Rose' 100% tumbled linen colour: Ciel on white 2.Titley and Marr 'Provence Toile' 100% cotton colour: cornflower 3.Bennison Fabrics 'Liliana' 100% linen colour: pale blue on oyster 4.Pretavivre 'Classic Toile' 100% cotton colour: silver 5.Nordic Style 'Blue Small Check' 100% cotton colour: blue
Above image: Kate Forman Fabrics

Just a note: I have compiled these fabric combinations working from images online so please forgive me if in reality they don't work as well together! Most shops are happy to provide swatches.    


  1. Oh this is lush! I am loving the Kate Forman images.


  2. Stunning as always. Can't go wrong with blue and white. Jane :)

  3. Dear Glenda,
    I love all the fabulous fabrics and all the images here! You are always doing a nice job to display the fabrics and paint colors in this way! Fantastic! The Kate Forman fabrics are gorgeous!
    Seeing all these, I could immediately re-upholster all my seats and cushions!!
    I wish you a nice day my friend!

  4. Thank you so much for such generous compliments! I'm thrilled that you love these fabrics as much as I do, for me the blue & white colour scheme epitomises the French romantic look. Warmest wishes - Glenda

  5. Love those powdery blue shades! I also love the carpet flooring!

    Have i nice weekend!


  6. I love all!
    Nice week end!

  7. This post truly took my breath away.......all my favorite blue/gray shades, and then pair them on a french setttee and its perfection. Such an inspirational post..makes me want to go and plan a room around it right this very minute!! Beautifully done....

  8. This fabrics and color shames are to die for!
    Very great post and a highly inspiring blog!

    I agree with 'the enchanted home' - beautifully done!

    Greetings from the Périgord,

    And thank you very much for visiting my blog and being a follower!

  9. Glenda-
    I, too, swooned looking at the loveliness of the muted blue. I like it best with the whitewashed wood, but the fabrics you chose are just breathtaking.

    And I love how you combine the paint swatches for further inspiration!

  10. Well I want them all! too lovely to have to choose between them.

    You have been tagged - please see my post today, however I really do understand if you are too busy.

    Sue x

  11. I'm so glad you like them Sue and no never too busy to visit someone who leaves such a lovely message!

  12. Gorgeous Glenda and that first photo is my favourite!! I love these colours too!!
    Pamela xo

  13. Hello Glenda

    I love the mix of the simple cotton checks with the gorgeous patterned linens. It's a very clever meshing of the simple with the luxurious.


  14. AGAIN!!! Lovely fabrics!!! And in blue one of my favourite colours!!!
    Thank you so much!

    Have a lovely weekend,


  15. this is a good post for someone with a settee obsession – that someone would be me

    have a wonderful weekend ;-)

  16. Well, all I can say is that I love everything in this post. Blue is my favorite color...All shades from the palest blue grey to the darkest navy blue. This is a wonderful post!

    The furniture is gorgeous. The buffet and settee among my favorites!

    Cheery regards,


  17. Merci de tes gentils mots ,ton reportage bleu me plait autant que le rose.

    Belle journée


  18. I love all the fabrics and images. Every single one makes my heart beat faster. The stripe drapes and settee in the first image are to die for. Have a wonderful weekend. Mona

  19. Thank you so much for such lovely compliments! Have a truly gorgeous weekend!

  20. I love EVERYTHING about the first image, from the wall color, to the horizontal striped drapes, to the gorgeous settee...perfection!!

  21. Such beautiful and romantic fabrics! Wish I could find a shop here in Peru with such a lovely selection. No such luck yet!

    Hope you are having a splendid weekend!

  22. What a wonderful selection of fabrics and such beautiful images! I adore the Cabbages and Roses sofa with the mix of stripes, toiles and florals in such soft blues. Just lovely. Have a wonderful week. x Sharon

  23. Kate Forman certainly does beautiful fabrics! Once again, a beautiful post. I really enjoy your blog and style!! Fiona

  24. Very pretty. My bedroom is powder blue and I am trying to figure out the drapes. This is so helpful.

  25. Oh these are beautiful, swoon worthy colours and fabrics! Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog. Warm wishes, Kerry

  26. Hi Glenda
    Beautifully put together! I dont know if my fabric collection just launched would / could ever inspire you to blog about. Help yourself to images if at any point you would like to, it would be an honour.. its Many thanks. Kimberley Bell.

  27. Oh Kimberley I've just had a look at your web site ( and your fabrics and interiors are DIVINE!!!!!!! Thank you so much I would love to include your gorgeous images in my posts! Warmest wishes - Glenda

  28. Oh my gosh...I just found you blog! Everything is ssoooo beautiful!
    Thank you for sharing!


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