Thursday, 18 August 2011

French Farmhouse Style - cooking & eating

Rustic kitchens and pretty places to dine; whether it is in the cool of a stone farmhouse or on the terrace under the shade of an ancient olive tree. Lazy days filled with the smell of lavender baked in the summer sun and the drone of the honey bee - simple pleasures, but pure bliss!
Above image: PHOTOGRAPHIC & ARCHITECTURAL AGENCY OWI photographer: Verne
Above images scanned from BOOK: Country Style by Judith & Martin Miller
Above image scanned from BOOK: Provencal Escapes- Inspirational Homes in Provence by Caroline Clifton-Mogg & Christopher Drake
Above images:1. La Maison Blauzac ONLINE MAGAZINE: E-MagDeco 2.SHOP: Re 3. & 4. SHOP: Summerille and Bishop 5.& 6.FABRIC:Les Indiennes
Above image scanned from MAGAZINE:Country Living magazine November 2003 
Above images: 1.scan from BOOK:Country Style by Judith & Martin Miller 2.& 5. FABRIC:Les Indiennes 3.SHOP: La Maison Bleue 4.PHOTOGRAPHY: CHRIS TUBBS discovered via BLOG Country French Antiques 6.SHOP:The French House
Above image from PROPERTY AGENCY: Classic French Chateau
Above image: SHOP: Summerille and Bishop
Above image scanned from MAGAZINE: Homes & Gardens July 1998

Above images from PROPERTY AGENCY: Classic French Chateau

On a personal note: I will be taking a 2 week break for major restoration work on the house/garden but will be back the first week in September! So it's on with the hard hat and until then for those who may like to view our house restoration so far please click HERE

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Delft Blue, Gustavian Grey

The soft, romantic tones of the Scandinavian colour palette and the faded patina that features in the prettiest of rustic rooms is always an inspiration for me. This is a selection of some of my favourites.

Above images: Pretty Scandinavian bedroom scanned from BOOK: The Perfect Country Cottage by Bill Laws 
Above images: 1.PAINTING: Johann Zoffany The Minuet 1780 - 1783 2.Atelier September Antiques discovered via Master Henriks Blog 3.Augustus Brandt antiques 
Above image: Lars Sjoberg's house scanned from BOOK: Country Style by Judith and Martin Miller
Above images: 1.PAINTING: "White can and white cloths" by Willhem de Bont 2.Fireplace Norton Tile Company 3.Chair:  SHOP: Bouf 4.Hand painted English Delft tiles: H & H Tile and Flooring Services Ltd
Above image: Lars Sjoberg's house scanned from BOOK: Country Style by Judith and Martin Miller
Above image scanned from BOOK: The Perfect Country Room by Emma-Louise O'Reilly
Above images:1.PAINTING: "Knoflook Koffiepot" by Willhem de Bont 2.FABRIC: "Chinese Paper" by Bennison Fabrics 3.vintage ice skates    - my home 4.Ceramic ARTIST: Mari Kristofersson  5.SHOP: Pom Pom Interiors
Above image: Lars Sjoberg's house scanned from BOOK: Country Style by Judith and Martin Miller
Above image scanned from BOOK: English Cottage Interiors by Hugh Lander & Peter Rauter and features a dairy in Sussex England
Above images:1.Ceramic ARTIST: Mari Kristofersson   2. & 4. Appley Hoare Antiques 3.PAINTING: "Stilleven met Drentse archologica" by ARTIST Henk Helmantal
Above images: Pretty Scandinavian room scanned from BOOK: The Perfect Country Cottage by Bill Laws 
Above image: Swedish farmhouse scanned from BOOK: Country Style by Judith and Martin Miller
Above images:1.PAINTING: "Trenchter kan en melkkan" by Willhem de Bont 2.& 3.SHOP & BLOG: G-Style 4.18th Century English Delft bowl from Storey Antiques
Above image: ANTIQUES Brownrigg at Home

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Setting the Table

Rustic tables for relaxed, everyday dining from farmhouse to cottage, eat, drink and be merry!
Above images: SHOP Cote Bastide

Above image: SHOP Cote Bastide
Above images: 1.Jeanne d'Arc Living 2.SHOP: Fen & Ned 3. SHOP & BLOG: G-Style

Above image: SHOP Cote Bastide
Above image: SHOP & BLOG: G-Style
Above image: Jeanne d'Arc Living
Above images:1.Antiques SHOP: Atelier de Campagne 2.SHOP: Garden Trading 3.& 5.SHOP & BLOG: G-Style 4.SHOP: The Textile Trunk (loodylady Ebay)
Above image:SHOP: Ruffled Linens 
Above image: Photographer Joanna Maclennan
Above images:1& 4. SHOP: Summerill & Bishop 2.SHOP: The New General Store 3.Antiques: Appley Hoare
Above image: SHOP: Lombok
Above images:1.SHOP: Summerill & Bishop 2.SHOP: The Textile Trunk (loodylady Ebay)3.& 4. SHOP: The French House
Above image: PHOTOGRAPHER Katie Quinn Davies & Katie's brilliant blog filled with wonderful recipes: What Katie Ate


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