Saturday, 12 February 2011

Texture & Tone

Natural, earthy, rustic & industrial, peeling paint or polished & pristine all in perfect harmony

IMAGES: The Paper Mulberry - our home

The fabulous work of ARTIST: Andrea Brugi

Images by AGENCY: Light Locations

Vintage finds at SHOP: Little Paris

Images by AGENCY: Light Locations

IMAGES: The Paper Mulberry 

Images by AGENCY: Light Locations

Glorious antiques from SHOP: Appley Hoare Antiques 


vosges paris said...

So many beautiful things in one post I love the pictures of your own home, I lik it if blogs show also their own stuff ;) The locations are beautiful as well!

The Paper Mulberry said...

Thank you so much! I am rather useless at photography but hopefully they give the general idea!

Eliana said...

I have been trying to explain for ages, to my home designer how I would like my bathroom, and you just post something so similar!!! It would be so much easier now!! Just show the pic!!

The Paper Mulberry said...

You're very welcome Eliana! How lucky to have such a gorgeous bathroom!

yvette said...

Beautiful images, all so inspirational!yvette@twistedvines

Pamela said...

Your home is beautiful! You will have
to show more!
Pamela xo

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Beautiful inspiration and I just love your home.
Absolute perfection! Thank you so much for sharing this at my party.

Greet said...

Your home looks fabulous!!!!!!

The Paper Mulberry said...

Oh my goodness thank you Greet, I am so flattered as I adore your interiors!

LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Glenda, your sitting room is so inviting - calm and quiet - it must be so cosy in the winter with the fire lit.


Anonymous said...

Love those chairs with the nails showing around the upholstery. Did you do that? If so could you let me know how because I have a chair I would like to make look like that and what goes under the upholstery is a mystery to me. Thanks, Ann

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Hi Ann, no those gorgeous chairs are from Good luck with the chairs _ Glenda


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