Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Perfectly Pale style notes

A little shopping inspired by the beautiful home of interiors stylist Catherine Woram and her architect husband Michael Bains of White Architecture.

Style notes: The beautiful glass footed apothecary jars are a particularly lovely feature of Balham House. Here are a few ideas on recreating the look: 

All glass footed jars & bonbon jars from SHOP: Dibor
Gorgeous soaps from SHOP: Gianna Rose Atelier

Stunning mirrors from SHOP: Decorative Country Living

Lovely candlesticks from SHOP: Cox & Cox

Pretty lighting from SHOP: Bliss and Bloom

Style notes: Pretty textured bedlinen in soft chalky tones against a crisp white background for a restful colour palette. White painted furniture and gorgeous sparkling chandeliers add a feminine touch. Here are a few shops to try:

Deliciously delicate chandeliers from SHOP: Decorative Country Living 

Pretty painted furniture from SHOP: Sweetpea & Willow

Sumptuous bedlinen from SHOP: The White Company

Delicious silk cushions from SHOP: Gingerlily
Sublime beaded cushions from SHOP: John Lewis

Style notes: Fresh white armoires, glass and silver ornaments create a unique, contemporary look to this stunning period home. Here are a few ideas for finishing touches:

 Pretty accessories from SHOP: Bliss and Bloom

Marvelous armoire from SHOP: Sweetpea & Willow

Gorgeous decorative details from SHOP: lavender/room


Nedj said...

I love the soap box and bedspread crochet ...
Fresh delicate atmosphere ..
Silent Night !

Pamela said...

I just love those robin blue egg soap in the glass jars!!
This was another gorgeous post Glenda!!

Thank you for that fabulous website!
Pamela xo

Cindy Adkins said...

How gorgeous! I just came over from Pamela's blog--nice to meet you!

Tara said...

HI,I just found your blog and I will definetly be popping back often..xx

The Paper Mulberry said...

Thank you so much for such lovely comments! I adore the soap and they seem to have stockist around the globe so I shall be shopping for sure! Lovely to hear from you Nedj and Pamela, so kind as always. A big welcome to Cindy and Tara, lovely to meet you too! Warmest wishes - Glenda xxx

Just White said...

Love the jars, I have similar ones in my house with little soaps too! I also have one full with lavender flowers, you can open it and feel the freshness for a while...the scent last for ever if you keep them the flowers dry! Lovely the whole post

The Paper Mulberry said...

Oh how lovely Just White, your house must be gorgeous (and smell pretty too)! So glad you like the post! I enjoyed virtual (and real) shopping for it! Warmest wishes - Glenda xxx

flowers on my table said...

Just popped across from French Buttons. Your blog is really lovely. I am beginning to get into whites and greys. Have a great week, Linda x

Wendy Paula said...

I just discovered your gorgeous and inspiring blog!
We are about to renovate an old house and you have given me many lovely ideas for decorating in my favourite colour palette.
Love it so much, the jars are fabulous.
Thank you,

The Paper Mulberry said...

Hello Wendy and thank you so much for such a lovely message! Do keep in touch I'd love to hear about the renovation! Warmest wishes - Glenda

chateaudelille said...

Such a lovely list of goodies to enjoy! Fiona

Hauser Family said...

Do you know where the first chandelier could be purchased? Thanks!!

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

You could try this online shop:


Hope this helps!

Warmest wishes - Glenda


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