Thursday, 2 February 2012

First Flush of Spring

Even though we have a light dusting of snow in the village this morning there are are signs of Spring in the garden. Tender new shoots are peeping through the soil and branches are filled with tiny buds holding the promise of blooms to come. I can think of no better way of brightening and freshening a room for Spring than with a few pots of chalky white paint and pretty linens flushed with delicate prints in blossom pink. The fabrics featured in the images below are all from the fabulous range from Peony and Sage designed by Kimberley Bell 
Above image: Peony and Sage 
Above image: Peony and Sage 
Above image: Peony and Sage
Above fabrics: by Peony and Sage
Above image: Peony and Sage fabrics and accessories (you may recognise this gorgeous bedroom from the lovely Dreamy Whites blog)
Above image: Peony and Sage cushion in fabric "Vintage Paisley" in raspberry
Above image: Peony and Sage fabrics and accessories
Above image: Fabrics and accessories by Peony and Sage  
Above fabrics: 1."Faded Roses" pink 2."Bee Pinstripe" French gray  3."Wreath" pink 4."Vintage Paisley" French gray - all by Peony and Sage 
Above image: Fabrics and accessories by Peony and Sage 
Above image: Peony and Sage cushion in fabric "Vintage Paisley" in raspberry
Above fabric: "Faded Roses" pink by Peony and Sage 
Above fabric: "Vintage Paisley" French gray - by Peony and Sage 
Above image: Period Living magazine
Above image: Fabrics by Peony and Sage
 Above image: shop Pale & Interesting

Above image: Fabrics by Peony and Sage

For more information on anything shown in the above images please click on the names under each photograph to go through to their web sites. The colour swatches featured are my suggestions for accent shades and do not relate to specific paints unless otherwise stated, but I'm sure your favourite paint companies would be happy to suggest matches!
With warmest wishes


cowparsley said...

Oh I love fabrics, thank you for introducing me to them.
Very cold here on Dartmoor, but lovely and sunny, the snow drops are out and my camellias have started to flower, I just hope this cold weather doesn't kill them off.
Thank you for another inspirational post.

helen tilston said...

Good Morning Glenda

What a cheerful beautiful post. The fabric is spectacular and the subtle pinks are just bautiful. I also love the flower (species?) in the enaamel jug.

Thank you for an uplifting post


AweSomeLiving By Rosita de Jongh said...

Mmmmmmmm you smell this spring ... Great pictures.
good day dear greeting rosita

Wendy Paula said...

The fabrics are so pretty with the whites and soft greys, I love them, so inspirational for something I am currently working on!
Thank you Glenda, charming as ever:)
Wendy x

Susan T said...

You read my mind. I had just said to someone I need some pink in my life and here it is. There is something about the combination of pink and white that is very fresh and sweet, the fabrics you have chosen are gorgeous, I especially like the pale grey pinstripe with the little bee adornment. I have just crunched through the frozen grass on a walk with the pooch, nose tinglingly cold, but with wonderful bright sunshine. I can cope with this. xxx Hugs from here.

MariCrea said...

Gorgeous post.
I cannot wait for spring

julie - eab designs said...

I have adored this fabric line for quite some time now. I'm thinking of all the wonderful things I could sew with them. Lovely to see them all featured here together.

Anonymous said...

I think I need to get me some of that as I'm longing for spring. It's so cold outside!

Lost in Provence said...

Such a jolt of happiness on this dreary winters day--merci Glenda! :)

Het lijstje van brocante said...

What a sweet colors, great for spring days!!
You frameworks with pictures I really like, they jump out, beautifully done.
With warm regards,

Anonymous said...

Great colours etc. I love the picture of the jug on the windowsill and the rustic picture frames on the walls - Some lovely ideas here!

L x

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post - I love the Peony & Sage fabrics so very much! They would be perfect for our tiny cottage!
Happy day to you,

Leslie said...

This is all so romantic! I love the pink, white, and grays that I'm seeing. Classic - fresh decor. I will check out the site as well! Thank you for sharing.


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

These fabrics are certainly cheery, but they have such a depth to them. Your beautiful post makes me want to surround myself with this crisp and pretty look.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

You are icky to have had a little snow! We haven't had a winter at all! For me that is disastrous because I love the cold weather.
These images are beautiful, as always.

No21 INTERIORS said...


Greet Lefèvre said...

Dearest Glenda,
Thank you so much for introducing us to Peony and Sage! Gorgeous fabrics!!! I am in love with them!!
Wonderful post my friend!

Ivy Clad said...

I discover such great resources here, Glenda! This post is so timely for me as I am gathering pale pink inspiration for my daughter's room.

Enjoy the coming of spring!


summersoul said...

Just lovely. I too am grateful for having been introduced to peony and sage.


LLH Designs said...

Oh, how I love the first hints of spring...especially amidst the chill and barrenness of winter!


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Beautiful fabrics, Glenda. I especially love the paisley pattern. Pretty photos!

Angela said...

I recently found your blog through, I think, Belgian Pearls. I have to say that it is simply exquisite! I now realise that I need more than one home to accommodate my love of interiors! Having just moved back to Antwerp to the home that we have after a three year spell in Tokyo (which I absolutely loved!) I am finding the adjustment a little difficult might we say! You, having travelled to Japan, as I think I read in your blog, will probably appreciate this. However, I am heading down town to trawl the junk/antique stores this morning, and I am desperate to find a supplier of Annie Sloanes Chalk Paint! Have a wonderful day, it's cold here in Belgium -10 this morning, bbbrrhhhhh!

Lavendelweiss said...

I love these fabrics they remind me of the spring. Wonderfully!
Really pretty photos!!!!

Have a nice day

Lots of Lavendelweiss Greetings,


Samantha said...

Such beautiful fabrics, and images. Have a lovely weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hello Glenda,

Well, your post certainly brightened up my day! I love the pretty florals so dainty.

All the images are gorgeous as they always are. Thanks so much for sharing.

KB Interiors said...

Oh my goodness... Thank you .. ! I am so delighted you like them. Kimberley Bell Peony and Sage x

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hey lovely,

These are really gorgeous...I saw these fabrics a little while ago and LOVED them the moment I clapped eyes on them! And, of course, you make everything look even more utterly drool-worthy here on your lovely blog!


Atelier de Campagne said...

Wonderful post Glenda, We all looking so forward to spring, and you are bringing it a little closer, specially with the cold weather and snow we are having now in Europe. Such a warm combination of the fabric against the white tones.
Keep warm.

Peony and Thistle said...

Gorgeous photos....! I love those old doors in the bedroom!

Evi said...

lovely colors and prints.

Marina said...

Stupendo blog!!!
Bellissimi i colori, gli accostamenti....bravissima...a presto Marina

Jacqueline said...

With the mild weather we have been having so far this winter, it's easy to let my mind wander to spring! These fabrics are so beautiful.

Divina Chita Brasil said...

I love all fabrics!!Have a nice day!

HRH The Duchess of State said...

What beautiful images dahhling! just came across your blog by chance..very cute!

Svenja said...

such nice pictures. gave me the feeling of spring is coming too :)
i like the pink colour and all those flowers, so pretty!!
love from germany, svenja

Sandra van Doorn said...

Glenda i haven’t been around in what seems like years! this post is beautiful, perhaps because the weather has been so grey it’s nice to get that superb dash of spring! makes me happy :)
this is still a blog i wish i could live in :)
xo sandra

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Thank you all so, so much for such kind and thoughtful messages! I too have been so frantic lately and haven't had time to visit many favourite blog reads, however once things calm down I shall look forward to catching up! Warmest of wishes - Glenda

All Things Chic 2 said...

My very first visit...and I love your blog the way you have combined all the textures of fabric are are very talented...I invite you to stop by my new blog for a visit...Blessings Lori

Carolyn@SweetChaos said...

Love these soft, soothing fabrics! Luckily we've had a mild winter, but I'm still ready for Spring! Hope all is well with you, Glenda :)

Joasia said...

Love your blog so will follow from now on.
The fabrics are fab too. Will get some samples for my curtain choices.

Joasia x


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