Thursday 26 July 2012

Contemporary Country Colours

Fresh, clean earth tints form a soothing colour palette for today's country living. Shades of Clay, Slate, French grey, Shutter Blue, Mulberry, Damson, Willow leaf and Gooseberry green set against chalky white add a contemporary twist to traditional country styling. Modern material such a stainless steel and aluminium contrast against the natural elements of pale stone and bleached wood. Here are a few of my most recent finds starting with the heart of the country home - the kitchen.  
Above image: detail of Sims Hilditch interior design for Neptune - gorgeous bespoke kitchens and new home accessories range
Above image: a divine new kitchen design from Sims Hilditch interior design for Neptune

Above images: gorgeous new table linen china and cutlery from the Neptune range
Above images: 1. gorgeous new candle range from Neptune 2.table linen china and cutlery from the new Neptune range 3. paint shade in "Lily" by Neptune 4 from the new lighting range by Neptune
Above image: pretty contemporary coloured enamel kitchen ware from Garden Trading 
Above image: bespoke kitchens and fabulous furniture range from Neptune
Above image: 1.gorgeous pale chalky kitchen by Plain English 2. & 4.table linen and china from the new Neptune accessories range 3.beautiful handcrafted kitchens and furniture from Neptune Colour watches: The Paper Mulberry colour suggestions
Above image: handmade kitchens by Chalon in gorgeous pale chalky shades with slate grey accents try Farrow and Ball "French Grey" number 18 for a similar colour to the door and skirting board

Above image: divine oak framed homes by Border Oak with interior design and styling by Merry Albright The Paper Mulberry note: try "Card Room Green" number 79 from Farrow & Ball for a similar shade to the kitchen island - we have used it on our back door and windows
Above image: planter pots on tray in "Shutter Blue" by Garden Trading
Above image: bespoke kitchens and fabulous furniture range from Neptune
Above image: the gorgeous kitchen and dining room of interior stylist and photographer Helena Bernald of the wonderful blog The Swenglish Home
Above images: 1.lovely new lighting range from Garden Trading in fabulous colours such a "Shutter blue", "Clay" and "Slate" 2.metal trough planter by Garden Trading 3.a set of numbered, French styled, ceramic mixing bowls by Garden Trading Colour swatches: The Paper Mulberry colour suggestions 
Above image: gorgeous contemporary farmhouse in Oxfordshire location for photography and film by locations agency Light locations
Above image: divine bespoke kitchen furniture and china range from Neptune
Above image: the "Chichester" kitchen from Neptune 
Above image: classic jug in "Gooseberry" by Garden Trading

For more information on anything shown in the above images please click on the names under each photograph to go through to their web sites. The colour swatches featured are my suggestions for accent shades and do not relate to specific paints unless otherwise stated, but I'm sure your favourite paint companies would be happy to suggest matches! 

With warmest wishes