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A stylish, luxury boutique hotel consisting of 35 suites and villas. Built into the cliffs it boasts dazzling scenery and views over the clear blue Aegean sea. This dreamy, peaceful hideaway with it's curving whitewashed walls combines traditional Greek architecture with chic boutique contemporary styling. I have also combined my favourite images of the hotel with some 'must have' holiday wardrobe  ideas from Zara!  For more information and further heavenly photo's please visit Mystique Hotel Santorini 

Above image: Mystique Hotel Santorini canvas sail sun canopy and pale blonde wood loungers
Above image: Mystique Hotel Santorini palest 'Tiffany' box blue woodwork and soft sandy whitewashed walls, sun bleached 'driftwood' furniture
Above images: 1. Zara pale sky blue maxi dress 2. 3. & 4.Mystique Hotel Santorini including the cliff top infinity pool and styling elements  
Above images: Zara pale sky blue maxi dress 
Above image: Mystique Hotel Santorini a unique hotel carved from the cliff
Above images: Zara | soft holiday separates
Above images: 1. and 2. Zara perfect holiday essentials: linen palazzo pants and vest in soft sanded shades of blush and white 3. and 4.Mystique Hotel Santorini watch the sunset over a candlelit dinner
Above images: Zara | easy summer pieces
 Above image: Mystique Hotel Santorini cliff top lounging over the Aegean at my favourite time of day just before sunset when the light in the Greek Isles is at its most magical

 Above image: Mystique Hotel Santorini cliff top hotel with outside dining and the most spectacular views
Above images: 1. & 2.Zara perfect holiday essentials: softly draped palazzo pants and chic flat sandals 3., 4. & 5. Mystique Hotel Santorini chic boutique hotel
Mystique Hotel Santorini private sun terrace with sail awning
Above images: 1. & 3.Mystique Hotel Santorini the infinity pool and drinks on the terrace 2., 3. & 4. Zara perfect packing: soft shades and easy accessories 
Mystique Hotel Santorini cliff top hotel private balcony
Above image: Mystique Hotel Santorini chic boutique cliff top hotel

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