Monday 23 January 2017


During the first part of the year, when the Christmas decorations have been packed away, rooms can seem flat and dull. Soft furnishings, ornaments, flowers and lighting are an easy way to inject warmth and enliven a scheme. 

This is the first of my suggested colour palettes using warm yellow ochres, rich amber, gold set against metal greys of zinc, pewter and nickel.  These are easily teamed with oyster beige and whites enabling them to fit into any neutral scheme.


1.Textures: furs, cracked and scratched surfaces, velvet, silk
2.Patterns: geodes, rock strata, crystals, reptile, woodgrain 
3.Finishes: gilded and reflective surfaces, translucence, lustre, matt and dry finishes

Above image: SCDA Architects contemporary living room featuring greyed oak shelving and concealed lighting  
Above images: 1. Laura Hammett luxury cushions detail from the Nottinghill Penthouse project 2. Next opulent geo jacquard cushion in silver grey 3. Laura Hammett glass sculpture (similar: 'Wrap' object by SkLO Studio)  from the Belgravia Grand Townhouse project 4. The Sofa and Chair Company painting acrylic on canvas 'Harenam' detail
Above image: Rachel Winham contemporary living room of a luxurious duplex apartment in London's Kings Road
Above image: Laura Hammett  detailing from the Belgravia Grand Townhouse project 
Above image: Laura Hammett luxury family living room from the Belgravia Grand Townhouse project   
Above images: 1. The Sofa and Chair Company Artwork detail 'Urban Wetlands at Dusk' by Emily Swift-Jones 2.The Sofa and Chair Company 'Pyxis' mouth blown vase 3. Sophie Paterson Interiors detail of bespoke sofa and cushions
Above image: Louise Bradley coffee table styling detail
Above images: 1. Taylor Howes detail of sculpture featured at the Battersea Reach project 2. The Sofa and Chair Company Artwork triptych detail 'Artem Gold' by Claire Burke 3. LSA International 'Host' Bowl 4. Sophie Paterson Interiors detail of bespoke cushions 5. The Sofa and Chair Company contemporary bronze sculpture 'Ignis'
Above image: Nova contemporary London Victoria apartments  
Above image: Rachel Winham contemporary living area of a luxurious duplex apartment in London's Kings Road
Above image: Laura Hammett  detailing in honey and amber tones

For more information on anything shown in the above images please click on the names under each photograph to go through to their web sites. I create my mood boards/colour palettes with a computer programme called Photoshop by Adobe which is available for both Apple Mac and PC computers.

As always, if I have featured your photograph and you would rather I didn't, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will remove it with my sincerest apologies. 

With warmest wishes
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