Friday, 11 March 2011

My Liebster Blog awards go to.....!

The gorgeous Ilona from Tierlantijn awarded me the Leibster Blog award last week and it is now my great honour to in turn award it to 3 new bloggers in recognition of their blogs. In no particular order...

My first Liebster Blog award goes to:

With stylish interiors and lovely colours it is a must for interior inspiration:

My second Liebster Blog award goes to:

With plenty of pretty ideas and feminine styling this is a delightful blog not to be missed 

The Liebster Blog Award is designed to bring attention new blogs that deserve the spotlight. It is a lovely tradition and I will always be proud of my Liebster Blog award!


Nedj said...

Congratulations and you can actually be proud!
Sweet day ..

DomCurieuse said...

Wonderful choice Glenda !
These three blogs are gorgeous and they are on my following list already.

DomCurieuse said...

Just to mention that I did'nt know these blogs before and I was really excited to add them on my following list !

The Paper Mulberry said...

Thank you so much for a lovely comment Nedj, have a fabulous day too! Warmest wishes - Glenda

The Paper Mulberry said...

I'm so glad DomCuriesue a great endorsement indeed! Congratulations on your own Leibster Award which is very well deserved as you are a fabulous blogger!

FrøkenOlsen said...

Dear Glenda
Thank you so much for the Liebster Blog Award - it is my first award ever :O) Is there anything I shall do in return? Shall I pass it on to other new bloggers or place the logo on my blog??
Thank you again and have a fabulous weekend.
Hugs from Denmark ;O)

The Paper Mulberry said...

You are very welcome dearest FrokenOlsen! You do both! The winners should place the Liebster Blog Award logo on their blog to announce that they have won. It then will stay on your blog (one of many awards I'm sure). Then as a winner you choose your favourite new bloggers - 3 to 5 of them that you wish to highlight. Describe their blogs on your blog and put a link through to theirs. They in turn will do the same for the next new bloggers! It is a lovely way of making sure new lovely blogs are noticed! Congratulations and have a very lovely weekend! Big hugs from England - Glendaxxx

Just White said...

Dear Glenda,

I can't express my joy and gratitud enough!
Just the fact of being recognized by you gives me the strenght and inspiration to keep going sharing a little bit of myself on this space.
And Congratulations to Belinda and FrokenOlsen too!!!

The Paper Mulberry said...

Dearest Eliana, how very kind and touching thank you so so much! You deserve it and yes you must keep blogging as your blog is gorgeous! Make sure you put a post saying that you've won! Congratulation! Glendaxxx

Pamela said...

Oh good choice! These blogs look heavenly and I am off to check them out!!

Pamela xo

manon 21 said...

De bien belles découvertes.

Un bon weekend à toi.



The Paper Mulberry said...

Thank you Pamela, I think you will enjoy! Froken Olsen also has a fabulous interiors shop! Warmest wishes - Glenda x

The Paper Mulberry said...

Merci beaucoup Manon! Un weekend très heureux de vous, vœux les plus chaleureux - Glenda x P.s. my French is via google translate so please excuse the errors!!!


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