Thursday 30 June 2011

Romantic & Feminine Bathrooms

Inspired by Provencal farmhouses, English country houses and villas in Tuscany, these are some of my favourite romantic bathrooms. All unashamedly feminine in shades of the palest lilac, Palma violet, shimmering silver to blush rose and robin's egg blue. Blissful rooms to luxuriate and pamper!
Above image scanned from Homes and Gardens Magazine October 1999
Above image via: Location Agency 1st Option
Above images all: Stylist Eva Lindh
Above images: Location Agency: Light Locations
Above images: 1.Portland Mitchell stylist 2.& 3.Sandra Lane photographer 4.SHOP: Decorative Country Living
Above image via: Red Magazine
Above images: 1.Sandra Lane photographer 2.Jeanne d'Arc Living Magazine 3.Polly Wreford photographer 4.Nato Welton photographer
Above image: Hotel Loverlij
Above image: Photographer Spike Powell from Country Homes and Interiors
Above images: 1.SHOP:Gianna Rose Atelier 2.Sarah Richardson Design 3.Heather Bullard styling & photography via Heather Bullard's Blog 4.Sandra Lane photographer
Above image: Little Greene Paint Company featuring Dummonds bath
Above images: 1.Heather Bullard styling & photography 2.Jo Tyler photography 3.Balham House via Shoot Factory location agency 4.SHOP: Bliss and Bloom


Seawashed said...

Now I want to take a bath. Beautiful.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oooh, these images are just perfect! I'm absolutely smitten with your blog, you know. It's absolutely shot up into my favourites list. I look forward to your every post!!


Anna at the Doll House said...

This post is so inspiring and even though I will never have a bathroom like these - it is such a pleasure to enjoy the pictures.
Still, some of the details might be possible. For instance, I have fallen hopelessly in love with the Robin's Egg Soaps. I would happily swap all the bathrooms for a jar of those. What does that say about me?


The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Thank you so, so much Kerry, Sarah and Anna, I am truly delighted & honoured that you love these as much as I do. I totally agree about the egg soaps Anna, they are divine!

Unknown said...

Love my bathroom and i could easily love the first two Beautiful

Fay xx

Yvonne - Frl. Klein said...

Wonderful bathroom inspirations! So elegant!!!

Susan T said...

I want to tear out my bathroom and replace it forthwith, utter heaven. The rooms would smell of expensive French soaps and exotic candles.

You have surpassed yourself Glenda, so lovely.

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous details. Wonderful paint choices as always. Some fabulous inspiration here. Thanks.

DomCurieuse said...

I love this refreshing topic !

Notes From ABroad said...

that mirror !!
A bathtub in front of a fireplace is just heavenly .. I should make that a priority when looking for a new home .. ( don't mention to my husband that I said that lol)

Greet Lefèvre said...

Love them all Glenda!! As you said the bathrooms are all so feminine! I could spend hours in my bathroom! And I would love to have a chandelier above my bathtube!!
Hugs to you my friend!

Anonymous said...

It's marvellous!!!
On se croirait à l'intérieur d'un château!
I LOVE !!!
I want the same!!!

Room Seventeen said...

Do I smell roses, lavender? Lily of the valley? Lime?? Ooh, I could spent hours of reading and relaxing in these bathrooms.....

Anonymous said...

oh my, there are some seriously good-looking bathrooms in this post ... sigh!

camille said...

Your blog is absolutely exquisite. So many beautiful and inspiring images. GORGEOUS!

Hugs from your fan in Paris xoxo

Camille @ The Wildfleur

Velvet and Linen said...

I love them all too! I can't resist a gorgeous free standing tub. xo Brooke

Donna, The Decorated House said...

Don't you love how really great design from 1999!!! still looks fresh and oh so perfect.
Good design simply stands the test of time.
Thanks for the wonderful inspiration.

Tricia said...

Oh my, what a collection of prettiness! I love the robins eggs soaps :)

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

The first image stole my heart - the wall finish looks too subtle to be paint, the whole breathes tranquillity. Have you kept this page for twelve years?

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

I kept the whole magazine for 12 years! Actually I have some favourite interiors magazine from the early 1980's and some Vogue magazine from the 70's!!!!!!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

What a lovely collection and so beautifully put together as always. The bath in the second picture is my nirvana of baths! Have a lovely weekend x Sharon

Pamela said...

Gorgeous bathrooms Glenda!
Love the screens and that venetian mirror is to die for!!

Pamela xo

jade said...

Thank you sooooo much, for your lovely comment - i´m soooo happy, that i found your blog most of´s so full auf beauty and inspiration, i can´t get enough of it!!!! Have a wonderful weekend,

Hugs Jade

Wendy Paula said...

Totally inspiring and gorgeous Glenda.
We have almost finished our bathroom and I will post some pictures soon of our newly restored claw foot bath:)
Have a special weekend, wendy xo

Kym said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog... I love your gorgeous blog and am now a follower.. such beautiful images. One can only dream of such a beautiful bathroom. Enjoy your week. X

Anonymous said...

I would love to spend an afternoon in any one of these photos! ~ sigh ~

Thanks for popping over to visit me, Glenda. I love your Pinterest, and am now following your beautiful blog too!

Happy Tuesday,

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments! Welcome to my new followers too, I shall pop by your blogs straight away! Warmest wishes - Glenda

Monica said...

Oh Glenda!!
How lovely that you left a comment on my blog!
First, a heartfelt thank you for your enthusiasm, it made me smile BIG. Then, I'm totally overwhelmed with inspiration seeing your boards. And what about living in a 500 y.o English farmhouse! O.M.G.... BLISS!
So glad I had the chance to meet you! Will definitely put your link on my blogroll- hope it's ok.
Monica x

Anonymous said...

amazing pics! great blog! ;)

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Thank you so much! I will be posting this Thursday with some photo's of our home so do pop back Monica!

Monica said...

I will :)

Andrea Reh said...

These are the most beautiful bathrooms ever... they make me want to take a bath, and I don't even like baths!

Just discovered your inspiring blog and will be following from now on. Would love it if you popped by mine sometime.

Andrea x

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Thank you so much Andrea and welcome! I will pop along straight away!!! Warmest wishes - Glenda

designchic said...

There's nothing quite like a freestanding tub and these images are gorgeous!! I take a long bath every relaxing

Sarah said...

Swoon!! I thought the white bathrooms were stunning, but these are Something Else!!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!

S x

arrielle_p said...

Wow What a lovely and very feminine this bathroom is. I am absolutely LOVING this!

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