Thursday 14 July 2011

The Perfect White Bathroom

Are you are inspired by a vintage roll top bath with claw and ball feet, Rococo mirrors, apothecary jars & chandeliers? Or perhaps you prefer a more rustic farmhouse feel with natural stone, scrubbed floors boards, beams and rattan baskets. These gorgeous ideas have one element in common, all are heavenly white rooms in which to relax,indulge or just bathe!  

Image: location agency JJ Locations Balham House

Image: location agency 1st Option - Balham House
Images:1.SHOP:Gianna Rose Atelier 2.SHOP:Lavender room 3. & 4. The White Company
Above image: SHOP: The White Company
Image: location agency JJ Locations Balham House
Images: 1.& 4.Elmueble Magazine 2.& 3. SHOP:Lavender room

Above 3 images: location agency: 1st Option
Above image: magazine Campagne Decoration avec Dekio
Above images: 1.SHOP: Juliettes Interiors 2.Photographer: Caroline Arber 3.The Paper Mulberry - vintage bottles from my home
Above image: Jackye Lanham designer
Above images: 1.Elmueble Magazine 2.& 3.SHOP: The White Company
Above image: SHOP: Anton & K
Above image: Living Etc. magazine photographer James Merrell


Z Bird said...

I am a huge fan of large bathroom with wooden floors and painted walls. There is something so oldy worldy about them. Much better than walls and walls of tiles that only get dirty and make your bathroom cold and uninviting.

Susan T said...

I think the First Option bathroom would be my choice. I can imagine sitting in that tub full of bubbles, wafting the scent of Jo Malone around the room. Your vintage bottles are so gorgeous, you have such an eye for beauty.

Ann said...

Those fab bathrooms are larger than my living room!
How fun it would be!

And your vintage bottles are quite a treasure- so pretty!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Dreamy beautiful! AT some point we will add a bath and I would love to create a mood a bit like that last rustic photo. Nice inspiration!

Sandra van Doorn said...

Oh. my. God. i absolutely love this post; the bathroom is my favourite room in my house - i started on an all white theme but it was left unfinished - got a a few ideas from here that will work well ... can't wait to fly home now!!
thanks for sharing :)

lisaroy said...

truly dreamy! I've never had a bathroom I've been smitten with - I'd love a space this beautiful :)

Fiona. said...

lovely post! I would love to have any of the bathrooms featured, they are gorgeous! xx

Greet Lefèvre said...

Oh Glenda!! I filed most of these beautiful bathroom pictures!! Wonderful ideas!!

Fabulously French said...

All are gorgeous.

Leeann x

lila Braga said...

Dreamy beautiful! OMG!! this is simply divine!!
...and what a fabulous blog your have here!!!
will join for sure!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the white colour!!!
It's very very beautiful!!!
Really marvellous!!!

Unknown said...

Amazing, sigh...

Wendy Paula said...

I adore a white bathroom, claw foot baths and apothecary jars, all have been an inspiration for our new bathroom, which hopefully will have images posted on my blog one day!
Wonderful collection Glenda:)
Have a lovely weekend,
Wendy xo

helen tilston said...

Glenda, these are truly beautiful. I particularly love the first view and can just imagine bathing and having a view.

Thank you again for such a stunning post

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Love it all, but I want the white robe and want to look just like that in it. Ha! One of the details that I really love is the addition of the wicker baskets with the all white. That texture added is fabulous!

Marijke van Ooijen said...


This blog is realy amazing!
I love your blog, and follow your blog.
Please take a look into my world.


The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Thank you so much for such lovely comments! Welcome to my new followers and I will of course pop along to see you! Glenda

jade said...

Thank you sooooo much, for this heavenly post, it takes my breath away!!! Have a wonderful weekend,

Hugs Jade

designchic said...

They are all so beautiful and relaxing. Love the herringbone floors in the first image!!

Foxanddahlia said...

Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Gorgeous.

Happy Weekend x

under spanish moss said...

Glenda, we are in love with these bathroom! So beautiful! Have a great weekend! Angela and Renee

Donna, The Decorated House said...

What beautiful elements and subdued colors for a bath! The rustic pine with white is such a favorite of mine,too.

Rachel Noelle Pallas said...

beautiful bathrooms~ thanks for the inspiration~ xo Rachel

Sarah said...

Wow, those bathrooms are all stunning, I would struggle to choose between them!!

I'd love a bathroom big enough for an armchair so you could chat to the occupant in the bath in comfort.

Have found you via "A View From Here" and become a follower, do stop by mine if you get chance

S x

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Hello Sarah and welcome! I shall pop along right away!

Anonymous said...


I love white in every room but adore it in the bath. These photos are absolutely gorgeous. I especially love the sink in the first photo. I would love any of these bathrooms.


Burlap Luxe said...

Rooms of calm to relax, rest, and take in the beauty of the day!
Love all that you inspire over here all things European chic!

Have a beautiful week to come :)

Burlap Luxe said...

Oh !! I had to return to say!! your home is fabulous, I would love to step inside to take in all the beauty you have created!

Rozmeen said...


Thank you for your lovely and sweet comment on my blog. I love your home filled with beautiful French treasures!! I just came back from vacation in France. It is soo beautiful and so is your blog!

xoxox Rozmeen

erleichda said...

lovely pictures! wooden floor on bathrooms is my favourite : )

Karena said...

Gorgeous images I love the unique mirrors and those herringbone floors as well!


Art by Karena

Come and join my Giveaway of a very special painting!

Robynne's Nest said...

Gorgeous shots em all! I'm planning to reno our bathrooms when we finally return to Australia...they will definitely need it with my kids living there (with all of their friends) daughter has taken over our master bedroom, ensuite and walk in robe...and she is very tough on bathrooms...what with hairspray, bronzer, makeup, inky blue coloured shampoo I have lots of idea going around in my head (much to my hubby's dismay). Robx

Anonymous said...

we once had a bathroom with wooden floor and we loved it!

bellehistoire01 said...

Oh ... I love this post !
Bathroom is ma favorite place in house ...
I love the first white one ...
Have a nice evening

Unknown said...

hi Glenda BEAUTIFUL i couldnt live without a bath ! misss my roll top in London ! fabulous images enjoy the summer Love fay xx

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

I love all of these bathrooms. They all have that lovely combination of luxury and simplicity in one space. Really lovely! x Sharon

Caroline Fricker said...

I wish my bathroom looked like these!

matind'hiver said...

It's very beautiful !!!
All many details are wonderful, i love them.
Have a nice day *

Pamela said...

Oh dreamy baths!! This is what i love !!! So much inspiration here...sigh...if only i could spend all day in one of these great baths and not have to go to work!

Pamela xo

Lorraine Llavona said...

Thank you for following me I appreciate it!