Friday, 17 February 2012

New Country Living

With a fresh, clean colour palette of soft powdered and dusted shades set against chalky whites and light natural wood, this relaxed country styling has a new contemporary feel. Traditional country elements are updated and incorporate everything required for today's modern living. Simple printed fabrics inspired by nature in restful tones combine with cosy wool plaids and knits to make this a soothing, welcoming home.  
 Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright
 Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright
Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright
 Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright
Above image: 'Grafton Throw' and cushion from The White Company bedlinen and home furnishings
Above image: Ceramic Apples and Pears from Rowan & Wren
Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright
Above image: Neptune handmade interiors and paints
 Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright

Above fabrics and paints: 1.Fabric 'Seaside Spot' in mist 100% cotton by Clarke & Clarke 2.Paint 'Pale Powder' No: 204 by Farrow & Ball 3.Fabric 'Raphael' duckegg 100% cotton by Clarke & Clarke 4.Fabric 'Inverness Tweed' 100% wool by Anta 5.Fabric 'Sail Stripe' in mineral 100% cotton by Clarke & Clarke

Above image: Sims Hilditch interior design and Neptune handmade kitchens - the central island is painted in a shade called 'Mist' from the Neptune paint range which is gorgeous!

Above fabrics and paints: 1.Fabric 'Robert Robertson Lowland' wool tweed by Anta 2.Paint 'Cornforth White' No: 228 by Farrow and Ball 3.Fabric '320 Shalini' linen in violet by Susie Watson Design 4.Fabric 'Cove Check' in Mineral linen by Clarke & Clarke 5.Fabric 'Etoile' natural cotton/linen by Ernst and Matilda
Above image: Sims Hilditch interior design and Neptune handmade interiors
Above image: Sims Hilditch interior design and Neptune handmade interiors

Above: Zinc lined willow baskets and knitted throw from Rowan & Wren

Above image: Neptune handmade interiors

Above images:1.& 6.Sims Hilditch interior design and Neptune handmade interiors 2.Fabric'Robert Robertson Lowland' wool tweed by Anta 3.& 4.Cushions 'Gill Scott' linen & 'Teal' linen by Anta 5.Wallpaper 'Dahlia' sky by Clarke & Clarke
Above image: curtains made from 'Inverness Tweed' 100% wool by Anta  

 Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright

 Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright

 Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright

Above fabrics and cushions: 1.Fabric 'Seabirds' mist 100% cotton Clarke & Clarke 2.Cushion 'Dove' linen by Anta 3.Cushion 'Macintosh' linen Anta 4.Fabric 'Seaside Spots' surf by Clarke & Clarke
 Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright
  Above image: Fabrics from the new Clarke & Clarke 'Maritime Prints' range
 Above image: Border Oak fabulous new oak framed houses - photographer and stylist Merry Albright

For more information on anything featured in the above images please click on the names under each photograph to go through to their web sites. The colour swatches featured are my suggestions for accent shades and do not relate to specific paint shades unless otherwise stated, but I'm sure your favourite paint companies would be happy to suggest matches!

With warmest wishes 


Home and Lifestyle said...

I can only dream about's wonderful!!! Thanks for all your inpiration!!

Have a great weekend! Love, Ingrid

Brenda said...

All so warm and beautiful - I could move into any one of those photos and it would feel like home. Especially love the kitchen by Sims Hilditch and Neptune. Thank you for putting this all together!

Susan T said...

A house near us has had an oak framed extension built. I gaze at it longingly ever time I pass. I would dearly love to live in an oak framed house, the quality of light, the smell of the wood, wonderful. These sorts of buildings speak to the soul, and are miles away from the boxed in new builds that are peppering the countryside.

Divina Chita Brasil said...

hi! It´s wonderful! I love all!!!

Greet Lefèvre said...

What an enormous work you put in your posts! Your blog is a wonderful resource to design inspiration! And all the links you share with us!
I filed a lot of your fabric and paint combination! So inspirational to me! Thank you for all of your work! You should have a job as sylist!!
Happy weekend my friend!

The enchanted home said...

So pretty!!!! All my favorite colors, the dusty beiges and grays....fabulous!

Rozmeen said...

Love the pictures. Loads of inspiration.

Wishing you a lovely weekend!
xoxo Rozmeen

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Thank you so much for such wonderful compliments!!! Do click on the links to each of the respective web sites as they all have such exciting new additions to their ranges! Sending warmest wishes from an old farmhouse - Glenda xxxx

designchic said...

This is all of the things I love...warm, neutral color palettes, and an amazing kitchen!! Hope you have a great weekend.~

Notes From ABroad said...

I have been dreaming of moving back to the US and living in a house in the country .. these images help make that decision an easy one !
I am happy to say that in one of the kitchen photos, they have My kitchen floor :)
Perhaps I should bring it back with me ? lol
besos, C

The Art of Vintique said...

Lovely post, very inspiring. Makes me want to re do the whole house again. I love the fabrics, especially the one from Ernest and Matilda.
Looking forward to further posts.
Joasia x

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi Glenda! These are such fresh and beautiful rooms. The color combinations are so wonderfully subtle. And the quality looks incredible. The zinc lined baskets--Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

love, love, love! can i please live here?? i absolutely love every aspect!

Anonymous said...

such an inspiration, love the exposed beams!

have a wonderful weekend Glenda ;-)

Tatiana Doria said...

That grey kitchen is stunning!!
I love all those color combinations!

Tricia Rose Rough Linen said...

Soothing and welcoming - exactly! and the green oak is timeless.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous rooms and beautiful color combinations! Great inspiration!

Ivy Clad said...

Beautiful homes! I love how they look both new and "lived-in" at the same time. The kitchens are my favorite.

I hope the weekend in your wonderful part of the world is lovely!


Ivy Clad said...

I've just been to the Border Oak website. Wow! These houses are pretty. Some of them really remind me of the English house set on the movie, The Holiday.


kovtama said...

Hi Glenda! It´s wonderful! I love your's blog. Tamara from Hungary

Marit said...

I'm so glad I just discovered you're blog!!! I absolutely love it!! You have a stunning home!:)
Love the pictures that you share with us :)

Marit, Norway

helen tilston said...

Hello Glenda

A brilliant post once again and so inspiring.

Just wanted to say a quick hello, it is long past bedtime and an early start is planned for tomorrow, so Good-Night and have a delightful week


Georgianna said...

The houses are brilliant – thank you for the beautiful post (and for Steve Jobs on your sidebar).

All the best,


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

The Border Oak home is beautiful. I want one!!

Mona Thompson Providence Ltd. said...

Glenda, My heart is beating with excitement over the images of this post. So lovely. I have the privilege to be working on a project with a similar look right now. Not quite as sparse, but the same type of architecture. I think you would love it. I have chosen a linen that is similar to the wool tweed check that I would like for them to consider for drapes or something. Hopefully this project will be published but if not , I will share pictures for sure. XO, Mona

Evi said...

I'll take one of the new oak framed homes, PLEASE!
How beautiful!!!!!!
I just love your post, always sooo inspiring.
Blessings, Evi

merry said...

Dearest Glenda - thank you, thank you, thank you! What a lovely post and not only is it inspirational and considered but you have also made my day! I am so happy that you like my styling/photos and the houses we build. I will make sure I send you the best pics of 2012! You put so much into your posts and it really does make your blog a special place to visit. Wonderful
best wishes, Merry x

HausStylish said...

oh thanks so much for posting these, I have been dreaming of owning an oak framed house for a long time. I hope you don't mind but I put up a post about Sims Hilditch interiors on my blog after your wonderful post - your posts were so inspiring I couldn't help myself! You are making me want to move back to the uk now - and I love your home it is so stunning. Thanks so much for the inspiration, I love all your mood boards too ;-)

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Oh thank you so much HausStylish and of course I don't mind! You're so very kind - Warmest wishes - Glenda

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Dearest Merry, your Border Oak homes are divine and I adore your styling/photo's as do so many as you can see from these comments!!! Yes please to more!!!! Warmest wishes - Glenda xxxx

Unknown said...

Wonderful pictures and inspiration!


Stacy J. Coles said...

These pictures are absolutely beautiful! Light, airy, refreshing, stylish, inspiring.

Veronica said...

Hi Glenda. I absolutely love the way you do your blog posts!

I have included you in a post today and hope that you will join in the fun.


LA VIE EN ROSE said...

Beautiful home - beautiful styling. Usually tend to prefer more older style light fittings but those three white light fittings over the dining table are stunning and I'd say the light from them is beautiful - I think you're converting me to a more modern palette!!


Unknown said...

Wow! This is so great. I love all of this and it really captured my heart. I like also that fabric and I am imagining my self sitting in that wonderful sofa . Thank you for sharing.

Unknown said...

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