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Exterior Paint Shades - Part 2

Whether it's pale hues of chalky French Grey, chic glossy charcoal against crisp pure white, or restful soft shades of dusted blue green, exterior paint shades can make a world of difference. The right paint shades add a warm welcome to any home be it of mellow stone, whitewashed render or smart red brick . Here are a few of my favourite looks to welcome guests to your front door. 
Above image:Gorgeous Belgian contemporary architecture by Archeos
Above images: 1.Stainless steel stable light by Jim Lawrence 2.Belgian contemporary architecture by Archeos detail of wooden shutters 3.Hand forged Shepard's Crook door handle with bevelled keyhole plate by Jim Lawrence 4.Belgian contemporary architecture by Archeos detail of wooden garage doors 5.Scroll iron gate detail by architects Vlassak Verhulst
Above image: detail of painted French doors by architect Yiangou
Above images: 1.Shutter detail by architects Vlassak Verhulst  2.Detail of painted wall by Belgian photographer Caroline Monbailliu 3.Belgian contemporary architecture by Archeos detail of arched wooden garage doors 4.Hand forged steel Shepard Crook door handle by Jim Lawrence 5.Front door painted in French Grey by Farrow and Ball belonging to Lucy Stokes (gorgeous stainless steel heart door knocker!) 6.'All White' 2005 paint from Farrow and Ball 7.'Lamp Room Gray' 88 paint from Farrow and Ball  8. "Manor House Grey' 265 paint from Farrow and Ball 9.'French Grey Dark' 163 paint from The Little Greene Paint and Paper
Above image: fabulous white painted New England house and grey painted trellis featured on Hus o Hem  
Above image: Prettiest pale grey front door with chalk white trim    by Henhurst Interiors 
Above image:French Grey wooden shutter detail by architects Vlassak Verhulst 
Above images: I created the paint swatches by eye using the manufacturers colour cards - for accurate samples please contact the paint companies for colour cards and test pots
Above image: the heavenly home and veranda of Room Seventeen stunning grey shutters against crisp white woodwork
Above image:the heavenly home and veranda of Room Seventeen stunning grey shutters against crisp white woodwork picking up the tones of the rattan (wicker) chairs
Above images: 1.the deep grey (gray) front door of blogger 'I found my home' 2.the home of Jen Chu Design with a chic dark grey front door 3.Gloss grey contemporary planters with Buxus (Boxwood) ball topiary by Anouska Hempel Design 4.Smart dark grey Regency front door with white trim by London Door 5.'Off-Black' 57 Farrow and Ball 6.'Railings'31 Farrow and Ball 7.Down Pipe' 26 Farrow and Ball 8.'Plummett' 272 Farrow and Ball
Above image:the home of Jen Chu Design with a chic dark grey front door and stainless steel door knocker
Above image:graphite grey door by Architects RDK
Above image:contemporary dark grey front door by architects Vlassak Verhulst
Above images: I created the paint swatches by eye using the manufacturers colour cards - for accurate samples please contact the paint companies for colour cards and test pots
Above image:pretty pale grey green door and basket of French Lavender by Belgian photographer Caroline Monbailliu
Above images: 1.Farrow and Ball front door given a modern twist with shiny stainless steel door furniture - door in Light Blue 22 2.Letter Box in pretty 'Clay' from Garden Trading 3.stainless steel letterbox at the home of Jen Chu Design with a chic dark grey front door and soft pale blue grey trim 4.Soft pale grey green woodwork on a stunning contemporary house by Frank Gruwez 5.Polished stainless steel door knocker from Willow and Stone 6.'Pearl Colour (original)'100 Little Greene Paint Company 7.'Light Blue' 22 Farrow and Ball 8.'Card Room Green' 79 Farrow and Ball 9.'Oval Room Blue' 85 Farrow and Ball
Above image:Contemporary country cottage by Belgian architects Villabouw Sels
Above image:pretty Blue grey green front door in a Cotswold village photographed by blogger 'I found my home'
Above images: I created the paint swatches by eye using the manufacturers colour cards - for accurate samples please contact the paint companies for colour cards and test pots
Above image:Front door in Card Room Green 79 by Farrow and Ball

To achieve the perfect finish on your exterior woodwork I can highly recommend watching the 'how to' videos on the English decorating tools manufacturer Hamilton. I can also highly recommend the Hamilton 'Perfection' range of brushes - 

Above image: Hamilton Perfection 
boxed set -100% natural bristle 
for use with oil based paints

Right image: Hamilton Perfection range 
of sash brushes -  wonderful for 
painting fine detailing

Left Image: Hamilton Perfection synthetic brush for use with water based paints

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For more information on anything shown in the above images please click on the names under each photograph to go through to their web sites. I create my mood boards/colour palettes with a computer programme called Photoshop by Adobe which is available for both Apple Mac and PC computers.

As always, if I have featured your photograph and you would rather I didn't, please do not hesitate to contact me and I will remove it with my sincerest apologies. 

With warmest wishes


Greenorchid said...

Lovely , lovely post Glenda... thank you. Cx

Emma said...

Lovely post, so many beautiful colours out there....if only I had the courage to knock on a few doors to enquire there paint colours.. I am trying to track down a soft cream, with a touch of grey in for exterior windows at the moment. My husband thinks my farrow and ball obsession is definatly a disease ( well I suppose I can get a little obsessed.) The belgium's seem to have the soft colours down to a tee...just beautiful homes, compared to many of the new builds in England, which can be sometimes really quite shocking.

designchic said...

What gorgeous images and all of the beautiful hardware too!!

serena@FarmHouseUrban said...


Monica said...

Drool, Drool!!! This is a fantastic post. I so enjoyed the door heart knocker, the precious water faucet bird and wicker furniture and all the colors beautiful colors!!! I will be picking up Card Room Green for my patio door to sample first. Thank you again for this post that I will be reviewing again and again.

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Thank you so much for your lovely messages! I am thrilled that you find this useful, I hope to be adding to the paint 'series' over time. I also forgot to say that a good tip to know is that paint shades look around 2 shades lighter outdoors. Warmest wishes - Glenda

The enchanted home said...

All my favorite colors all in one post! Spectacular!!

therelishedroost said...

OH wow!! I just love that French Gray and Down PIpe!!
'What beautiful classic paint colors!!
your house will be absolutely lovely!!
XO Karolyn

Influences nature said...

Cet article et magnifiquement réalisé, comme toujours. J'aimais déjà le gris mais alors là, je n'ai plus aucun doute.
Ce post fera sans aucune doute partie de ma sélection de la semaine.
Bon dimanche

Unknown said...

What a lovely blog.
I go follow you.

Inge, my choice

Athomebymy said...

Het is zooo dromen bij deze prachtige huizen !!!
Mooi gedaan !!!

Lieve groetjes Petra

Draffin Bears said...

Thank you Glenda, for visiting me and following and I am now following you.
I look forward to visiting you again.

Enjoy the week

HausStylish said...

Lovely images as always!! I remember commenting once that you and your blog images would be almost entirely responsible for making me want to move back to England - they remind me so much of the beautiful countryside and all the lovely old houses I missed. Well, now I am here and still enjoying your blog :-) thanks for sharing the lovely images, your posts are always inspiring. Jo x

Ivy Clad said...

The colors in this post are so restful. After reading your first post on exterior paint colors, based on your suggestions, I tried having some paint colors matched to achieve a similar look. The result fell far short of my expectation, however, so I'm thinking I might just need to buy from one of the companies featured here.

Thanks as always for such an inspiring array of combinations and products!

I hope you're doing well and enjoying your new home.


Ivy Lane said...

so many colours to choose from...all look very good... Love the black door!

Inspiration Vintage & Lifestyle said...

Absolutely gorgeous Glenda!!! I just adore your style!!!
I have a question for you, do you have an email address I can contact you at?
Thanks so much!!
Alabaster Rose Designs

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Thank you so much for such lovely messages! I am sorry that your paint choices didn't work for you Keri, it's always so disappointing when that happens. Having used both The Little Greene Paint Company and Farrow and Ball I can highly recommend them.

Thank you so much Melinda and yes there is a click through link to email mail me on the bar on the right of my blog - just under the Google translate gadget - it is:

Unknown said...

Valuable information and excellent design i got here about different types of shades and its paining. I would like to thank you for sharing your thoughts and time into the stuff you post!! very much thanks..
Exterior Shading Systems

Willene Fagen @ RoofingandMoreINC said...

Thanks for those tips, Glenda! Many find it hard in deciding on what door style to choose and what color to paint it with, but this will enlighten them. Keep on sharing your insights!

ND1 said...

Very nice post, you create a relaxing contemporary feel :o)

I have used 'Little Greene' Paints extensively inside our house and will use it outside where I can, their paint have a wonderful depth and sets a tranquil or modern look - worth a try/sample pot at the very least! Keep up the good work

ND1 said...

Great post, I myself have used Little Greene Paints internally after using lesser paints for several years and will now only use Little Greene - they provide a great depth of colour and lovely finish in any colour you could wish for, I recommend trying a few sample pot's! Good luck

МаринаОсень said...

just discovered you blog and i am SO happy about that! i searched for grey exterior ideas and you give excellent, great tips to combine the colours of grey here!!! great work! THANK YOU, and have a lovely day, Glenda!

Revathi said...

Thanks for the information... I really love your blog posts... specially those on
Paint Booths

Nicola Judd said...

What joy to find this blogspot....utterly inspiring...thank you for sharing your beautiful are highly gifted in the art of design. I am fascinated to know the exterior wall colour of the first photo that appears on your site. The photo showing arched double doors painted I think in F and B card room green...a beautiful building part painted and part brick work.
Have you any favourite neutral/stone exterior wall colours that you can recommend please! A large suffolk pink farmhouse that we plan to neutralise!
Thank you so much. Kindest regards Nicola Judd

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Hi Nicola,

Thank you so much for such wonderful compliments! The photo' in question is by a Belgian architect (the link to their site is below the picture) and I'm sorry but I don't know the paint used. On our old house we always used Farrow and Ball Stony Ground 211 to tone with the pale stone (have a look at my "Our former home" page, it's shown on the porch in the first picture). It's an unusual colour as in strong sunshine it looks very pale and creamy and on dull days a little more stone. It's a good neutral and blends with most roof materials. Do pop back with a link to your blog if you have one as I would love to see your house!

I do hope this helps.

Warmest wishes

emmammoss said...

What are the colours in the first picture on the page please with garage door and shutters, I love them and want to paint my house/door in these colours. House is currently white rendered. Thank you, Emma x

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

HI Emma, I don't know the exact colour (the house is in Belgium - the link to their site is below the picture if you wanted to contact them) but you could try French Grey by Farrow and Ball or Portland Stone Deep by the Little Greene Paint Company.

Hope this helps

Nina said...

Beautiful! Portland Stone by Little Greene is a gorgeous colour. We have used the original and dark shade quite a bit in our showroom. Our front doors are painted in Normandy Grey which is lovely muted green/ grey too.

Amy said...

Hi, what is the name of the colours on the first image on this post :)

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Hi Amy,

The first image is by Belgian architects Archeos and they don't stipulate what the shade is, however Lamp Room Grey 88 by Farrow and Ball may be similar depending on the aspect you are wishing to use it in.

Best wishes

Jess said...

Hello Glenda, I love the colours in the first picture. Above you mentioned about using a F&B French Grey for the doors but would you be able to suggest what colour the render would be? I know you aren't sure on what they actually used, but would be good to get your suggestion :) We are wanting to do something along both these colours for our house and trying to see what works well together.

Thank you

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Good morning Jess!

That is a lovely creamy ivory shade and it will very much depend on the aspect of the wall you are painting (plenty of test colours would be an idea!) but have a look at the photo's of our former home here: The porch render shade is "Stony Ground" no:211 the windows are in shade "Matchstick" no:2013 both by Farrow and Ball and may give a similar look. This is the Stony Ground on F & B: and this is the Matchstick Bear in mind that colours look at least 2 to 3 times lighter outside! You could also try contacting Farrow and Ball and sending them the photo and ask for their advice. I do hope that helps.

Stay safe and well
Glenda xx

Unknown said...

Hello Glenda
Lovely blog but I wonder if you could tell me the paint colour on the rendered outside wall in the top picture. I am trying to chose now for two large rendered walls adjacent to red brick Victorian walls.

The Paper Mulberry - Glenda Steel said...

Hi and thank you for your lovely compliment! The building you are referring to is by a Belgian contemporary architect named Archeos (the click through link it below the photo' in the post) so I suspect the paint used may only be available in Belgium. However for a similar shade try Dulux Chalky Downs 6, I would suggest a test pot first to see how it looks against the Victorian brick of your building.

I hope this helps
Warmest wishes